Supporting Farmers

KGIL is committed to ensuring sustainable agriculture within the agricultural value chain in Ghana. Our sustainability program has been developed to create Income variation for cocoa farmers, designed to support cocoa farmers during the light crop season and promote agroforestry.

Income Variation for Cocoa Farmers

Plantain remains a very important food security crop in Ghana. It also contributes significantly to rural diets and incomes. It is an integral part of the cropping systems and plays a major role in the cocoa production system where it serves as a component of shade for newly established cocoa farms. As shade for the young seedlings of cocoa, it is known to provide water to the cocoa plants within the 0.5m radius of a plantain crop. Plantain serves as the major income in newly established cocoa farms and for maintaining the farm until the cocoa canopy closes.

KGIL has established plantain sucker propagation nurseries to serve as income variation farmers during farm rehabilitation activities and during the light crop season. This contributes to our second sustainability pillar.


We promote agroforestry for the maintenance of the soil or environment within farming communities. Farmers are educated on the benefits of forest cover and are provided with quality planting materials to provide shade for their cash crops. Through this we contribute massively to sustainable agriculture, guard against the adverse effects of climate change and improving biodiversity.